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Family Story - Foster Care

Greetings Lifewater family,

Melanie and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share our story and for all of your kinds words afterwards. One thing we realized is jut how much information we wanted to share but ran out of time. So, if you would indulge me I would like to communicate some of that now.

When Matt first approached us to share, it was funny because I had just run across information that was weighing heavy on my heart. While visiting the Church at Brookhills website, I saw that it is the goal of their foster/adoption ministry to meet all of the needs for care in their county. I thought to myself how AWESOME is that -right? Isn't that the church being the church? The hands and feet as we are called to be? It got us thinking what would that look like in Shreveport -Bossier? What follows are more of our thoughts on mobilizing Lifewater and other churches in our area to make a difference for Jesus.

One important topic that we did not have to opportunity to expound upon is the multitude of ways in which you too can be a difference maker meeting local needs in the foster network. Listen, I know the idea of opening up your home to fostering is not for everyone or this season is not the right time but I am convinced there is a way for everyone to be involved. We would love to share more on these if you find yourself wanting to help but not ready to foster. If this is you please consider attending the informational evening we are planning. We would love to sit down and explore all the ways you can get involved.  

I won't get into all of these here, but feel I need to let you know of one specific very vital role in the foster process. That role is that of the CASA volunteer. These special people are the voice for the children in foster care. Just like the shortage for foster homes the same shortage exists in CASA volunteering. We will be sharing more on this invaluable service along our experiences with fostering and first steps towards involvement at this first meeting. Please, if this sounds like something you think you could do, plan on joining us to learn more.

We are currently busy gathering input on what other ministries have done with success, ways the state sees help can best be offered, etc. We are so excited to share more with those who have signed up. We are also excited to share with those who are feeling a stirring to be involved but would like to hear about all the ways to do so. Again, thank you for the kindness demonstrated towards our family following our testimony. So very excited about the possibilities of this ministry. We love and cherish each of you.

In His love,

Tony Streetman