Welcome, we’re so glad you stopped by! The Lifewater family is in a season of transition. After 9 years of worshipping in a local school, we have purchased our 1st permanent home and are in the process of renovating it – we are beyond excited! Due to the renovation, we are still gathering online as we embark on this new adventure. Our desire is to be in our new space sometime around Thanksgiving. We look forward to worshipping with all of you in person soon, but until then, we invite you to look around. Check out who we are and what we believe. We would love for you to go to our resource page and join us for Sunday worship each morning. We can’t wait to meet you and to partner with you in helping build the Kingdom of God here in the Bossier area. Another way to stay connected is through our Facebook page. We will update it regularly, so please check back often for the latest information. 


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Middle School

Middle School

"Well, there was no question now. We were entering unchartered        territory. Junior high school was a whole new ball of wax."                                         - Kevin Arnold, THE WONDER YEARS

The Lifewater Middle School group is committed to helping students at a difficult stage of life find their identity in the truths found in the Gospel.

The life of a middle school student is one of chaos and confusion. For many students during these years, their deepest desire is simply to be seen and to find a place to belong. Our primary goal for this group of amazing students is to love them with the very same love Jesus offered to us, and to surround them with people who are willing to enter into their uncertainty and help disciple them.


Our Lifewater Middle School group is built around a 3 week rotation. They meet twice a month on Sunday mornings (A and B weeks) during our worship gathering. This time is built around a gospel-focused lesson, questions, fun activities, and concludes in worship with communion. Every 3rd Sunday (C week) our middle schoolers gather off site for a night of fellowship that is built around fostering relationships and having fun with friends. If you would like to join this group, click on this link, Connect to Students, to begin receiving emails and updates of their gatherings.