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What to Expect

What to Expect

We are so excited that you stopped by. We know it can be intimidating to walk through the doors of an unfamiliar space for the first time. As you prepare to join us, here are a few things you can expect when you walk through our doors.

We Are Gospel People

Being "gospel people" means we believe the gospel is the foundation of all that we do, teach, and believe here at Lifewater. We believe the church is God's family of missionary servants sent as disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. We recognize and acknowledge that we have all fallen short, but the good news is that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection frees us from our sinfulness and provides us the gift of forgiveness and new life. 

We Are Servants

As stated above, we believe one of our primary identities is as missionary servants. We believe we are created in the image of God, and therefore it is our responsibility and priviledge to share in the gospel work of serving one another and our community. Matthew 20:28 reads, "even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many." You won't find volunteers at Lifewater, but what you will find are servant leaders who are passionate about modeling the life Jesus has invited us to live.



What will happen when I show up?

When you pull up on campus there will be greeters waiting to serve you by guiding you  where to park. We invite you to show up a little early, grab some coffee at our coffee bar and spend some time getting to know and meet others. If you have children, you will be directed to our Lifewater Kids area to check-in your children. We have a nursery for our babies and toddlers and children's worship from potty trained up to 5th grade. As for clothing, we invite you to be yourself. Clothing may change from week to week depending on the weather, and some people like to dress up for special holidays. But as long as you are wearing clothes, we are happy.

What will I experience during worship? 

We believe the church is God's family who gathers to worship and participate in His redeeming work. You will encounter people lifting their voices in song and prayer as we give thanks for all that God has done in our lives. You will hear biblical teaching focused on the transforming power of God's Spirit and the importance of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. In addition to hearing from God's word, we will take time as a family to remember Jesus by sharing in the Lord's supper. Lastly, we will share in the giving of gifts, where we get to practice being generous as we seek to model our Father's generosity. 

Final Thoughts

Our mission as a church is to know and follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. We believe Sunday morning is a time for the family to be reminded of the transforming love of Jesus and how we can be empowered to live lives that reflect the goodness and faithfulness of God throughout the week. We are a covenant member community that is  committed to sharing in the gospel story in every aspect of the Christian life. We pray you will be excited to lean in and see what God is doing through this family of believers. We look forward to meeting you and learning how we can best serve you.