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Discovery Process

Discovery Process

Welcome to our online Discovery. The purpose of this process is to help you learn how God has wired you with spiritual gifts and how to identify your passions for serving. Our desire is to have everyone in the Lifewater family serving in an area of gifting and passion.  When this happens, we are more likely to be effective for the kingdom, while at the same time preventing volunteer burn out.

Please read these short descriptions of our serving teams and then click on the link below to take the online Discovery. It will take roughly 5-10 minutes to complete and you will immediately receive an email with your results. Your results will include your specific spiritual gifts and recommendations for a team to serve on.  Thank you in advance for investing in this Discovery process.

Set Up / Tear Down - This team is committed to setting up and tearing down a space for visitors and friends to gather and worship on Sunday mornings. This team is looking for people who like to work behind the scenes and can handle some physical labor.

Greeting / Hospitality - This team is responsible for welcoming our guests each Sunday morning and helping them to feel at home. Our greeting / hospitality team is looking for people who are comfortable meeting new people, able to answer questions about the church, and eager to offer hospitality to all who join us each week.

Audio / Video / Lighting - This team exists to set up and run all of the audio, video, and lighting components of our Sunday worship gatherings. This team is looking for people who have some technical skills and knowledge and/or the willingness to learn and be trained. 

Worship / Prayer - This team is committed to leading our church family in worship and prayer when we gather on Sunday mornings.  Through Christ-centered songs and intercessory prayer, this team humbly ushers in the presence of God.  If you are gifted in singing / playing an instrument or have a passion for intercessory prayer, this might be the team for you.

Administrative - This team helps with the behind the scenes administrative tasks of Lifewater Church. If you are extremely organized and enjoy completing detail oriented tasks, this team might be a good fit.

Children / Youth - This team is committed to loving, teaching, and discipling our children, middle school, and high school students. This team is looking for people who are comfortable around kids and students, love to invest in and disciple others, and who like to have fun.

Connection - This team exists to help our guests and church families get connected through our Discovery process, service teams, missional communities, and dna groups. We are looking for people, like our administrative team, who are passionate about organization, details, and helping others find their role in the life of our church.

Now that you have a feel for our serving teams, please click on the link to take the short Discovery Survey.  We will follow up with you soon with some next steps.